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Are you ready to earn your degree but need a convenient program that works with your busy life? Corban University’s Online program is designed to let you balance all of your priorities while you earn your degree.

Let us work with you to add a completed bachelor’s degree to your mix of skills, talents and education, so that you will be ready for whatever comes next. You’ll be prepared to embrace challenges, changes and opportunities.

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Convenient Online Programs

Flexible degree options make it possible for you to be a full-time or part-time student without sacrificing the commitments that are most important to you. By taking between one and three classes during each eight-week session, you will move through the program at your own pace. The online programs all allow you to study from anywhere, at any time.

Transfer credits and credit for prior training allow you to finish your degree without starting over. Let us partner with you to turn your past accomplishments into a launching pad for your future endeavors.

No previous college credits are required to begin a Corban Online program. You can complete your major courses (business or psychology), your general education courses (required for all Corban students) and your electives entirely online.

The Professional Studies program helped me achieve my personal goals by allowing me to work at the same time as I was going to school.

Andrew Benson, Psychology ‘12

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Affordable Degrees

You know that affordability is about more than money. You have demands on your time, your focus and your energy. An affordable program is one that you can balance financially, personally and academically. Corban’s online programs have been created with convenient classes, practical material, accessible faculty and reasonable tuition so that you can truly afford to complete your degree.

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Education You Can Use

What if your current work actually enhanced your education? Most Corban Online students are working full-time and applying their course content to their work every day, as well as drawing on their practical work experience to enhance their learning in class.

Your work experience is part of your education, and classes are designed to allow you to share that experience and knowledge with your classmates. Learn from your professors, course material and fellow students.

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Faith-Fueled Careers

Your Christian faith is a part of who you are and the way you live. Shouldn’t it also be a part of your work and career? We believe that faith and career shouldn’t be separate entities of your life, but that your faith should fuel the decisions you make and even direct the career path you follow.

Corban Online combines professional preparation with biblical truth and spiritual passion.

My degree has allowed me to pursue career opportunities that I was not eligible for in more competitive business markets.

Angela Ontiveros, Business ‘12


Corban’s business degree will prepare you to take your skills and education to the next level, embrace challenges and create opportunities through business leadership.


The psychology program at Corban will equip you to excel academically and professionally in graduate school or in the next step of your career.